The dangers of getting out in the world

As a self-proprietor, it is getting easier to shut yourself up in the hole of your office, never to see the light of day. There’s no need to go out and meet people when you can use Skype and Facebook. There’s no need to go out for groceries when the online grocer now delivers.

This is especially desirable if you happen to be a vampire, but for most regular Joes and Josefinas, this is quite unhealthy.

But… But all that matters is that the writing is getting done. And it is getting done without interruption. That’s all that matters… Right?


But there is some encouragement behind this didactic melodrama.

Get out into the world.

Yes, it’s dangerous and scary and a real, live, social place. (The sarcasm is directed as much to myself as it is to the audience.) And here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to step outside and take a breath. That’s called fresh air. Nice, eh?

Look out though. There are some real dangers for us cave-dwelling office folk out there in all that fresh air. Here are just a few to look out for:

1. You’re going to meet people.
Real people with real names. Be careful what you say, because unfortunately there’s no CTRL – Z in the scary outside world.
2. You’re going to learn.
Even though it may not be a Podcast that insists it will teach you 25,348 New Ways to Write, you are going to learn. You’re going to gather all sorts of sensory input about people. And hey, maybe that funky hippie with the lip ring will make a great character in your next short (or have a cameo in your blog).
3. You might “lose” a business card (or seven).
Those snazzy freebies from Vistaprint aren’t any good unless you get rid of them. Yes, they look just as snazzy sitting on your desk. They’ll be even better for you when you have to order more because you’ve found 250 places to put them in.
4. You might just get a new client.
It’s true! While surfing the newspaper one day for events to write about for, I stumbled upon a free class called “Blogging Deeper” with Brian Schwartz. I attended. I came home with Mr. Schwartz himself as a client, and I am very much looking forward to working with him.

It’s all about getting out there. Not everyone is going to find you on LinkedIn or Viadeo or Twitter. Sometimes new connections are just going to be made by a live introduction and a real handshake (carry your Purell, misophobes). But if it means getting a new client, isn’t forgoing a few hours in your office-cave worth it?

Yes. It’s even good for you. Did you know that the average person spends 80% of their life inside? How awful! Get out there, stat! Even if it’s just to check out 50% off Saturdays at ARC. Go.

Go, go, go!


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