Stepping off the cliff

Comfort. Comfortable, comfort zones, and going back to what is easy.

We long for what is safe, warm, and familiar. But the time comes when we must let go of the ledge and fall–often kicking and screaming–into the black abyss of the unknown.  Sometimes it means trekking up to the Rocky Mountains to go to Bible college for nine snowy months. Sometimes it means donating a beloved piece of clothing. Sometimes, as it does now, it means letting go of a paycheck.

Please help me welcome the birth of KNIGHT COPYWRITING, the picture of letting go of the ledge of safety.

At Knight Copywriting, we offer the voice that turns your prospects into clients. We are the voice that says, “Buy. Buy right now. Don’t wait another second.” We are the reason your direct marketing attempts turn into huge profits.

Knight Copywriting is an independent copywriting, editing, consulting, and direct marketing service specializing in health care and Christian marketing.


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